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Stay with us for full range of hot water circulator pumps



3 manually selectable speed controlled circulator pumps for hot-water heating systems of all kinds

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Electronically controlled circulator pumps for water heating and cooling systems, comply to EU regulations - ErP ready.

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Gas Boiler Type

Built-in for wall hung gas boilers only, fit for Vaillant, Viessmann, Ariston, Bosch, Buderus, Fondital, Immergas, Italtherm

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Boilers and Heating

Circulator pumps for pellet boilers, gas boilers, heat pumps, water tanks, solar thermal packages, underfloor heating shunts, heat exchanger packages...

Plumbers' Merchants

To save you money, we can offer the pump heads alone. Replace the old pumps with less payment.

Pumps Distribution

Complete range of circulator pumps are ready for your choice. Unique packaging design for you. Accept OEM.


Circulator pumps in hot sale

EU regulation complied, ErP ready

  • HES-RS25/6
  • Head max: 6 m
  • Liquid temperature: 0..110°C
  • Flow max: 42 L/min
  • p max: 10 bar
  • Thread: 1 1/2"
  • MORE
  • HET-RS25/6
  • Head max: 6 m
  • Liquid temperature: 0..110°C
  • Flow max: 60 L/min
  • p max: 10 bar
  • Thread: 1 1/2"
  • MORE
  • HEC-RS32/10
  • Head max: 10 m
  • Liquid temperature: 0..110°C
  • Flow max: 180 L/min
  • p max: 10 bar
  • Thread: 2"
  • MORE

You Can't Turn a No into a Yes Without a Maybe In Between.

There are a number of similarities between us and our competitors. And there are a number of important differences, too.

The differences are in the details of production, management, and service which others don't want to show you.

We are different !

About Us

Over 20 years of perseverance, deeply cultivating the fields of central heating circulation pumps and wall-hung boiler pumps, Plastmax is at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing of this industry. We strive hard and keep upgrading our production-lines to offer better-quality, innovative energy-saving products, and outstanding services for the benefits of our clients.

With over 1.8 million circulator pumps sold annually in the world market, and trusted by over 108 esteemed clients, Plastmax is available to show you our pump range and guide you in the choice of the circulators that best fits your needs.


Production Base

Automatic production lines can reduce the uncertainty caused by human subjective initiative
and improve pump quality & productive efficiency


Research Laboratory

Millions of Times for Testing

Every improvement in the pumps has been tested for millions of times in the research laboratory.


Production Line

Automatic Assembly Lines

Automatic production lines are self-designed for assembly by robot manipulators from parts to pumps.



Automatic Storage & Retrieval

Data-management model for warehouse automatic storage & retrieval effectively

Amazing Advantages

You can feel secure as a customer with us. We are always to hand when you need us and we promise to
be proactive and try to anticipate things that will happen rather than react when they occur.

Unique Design

Unique design and material for condensing water resistence and wear resistance, leading to longer service life of our pumps.

Complete Certificates

Holding full necessary certificates such as CE, GS, RoHS, REACH, ISO, CCC, EU regulation complied and updated.

Quick Delivery

Deliver in 15 days at the soonest after order confirmed due to production capacity 200,000 pumps per month and full automatic production line.

Cost Control

Buy from us for circulator pumps of European quality level in much lower price.

Longer Guarantee Time

Promise to offer the longest guarantee time upto 36 months on certain order quantity.

Support 24/7

Promise to reply instantly within 24 hours. Unique service to offer research reports for keeping you alert to the market.

Trusted by over 108 great businesses

  • OBI
  • Baumarkt
  • TIP
  • Lidl
  • Swissbrands

Frequently Asked Questions

Good, Safe and Quick
-European quality level in much more competitive prices
-Over 200 great businesses guarantee the reliability
-The longest guarantee time upto 36 months on certain order quantity
-On-time delivery, 15 days at the soonest after order confirmed
-Support 24/7, quick reply within 24 hours
-Value added service which other suppliers can not do, strive to exceed your expectations always
The MOQ is 200pcs. But for the trial order, we can also accept small quantity. Samples are also available.

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